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Tri-State 4x4 is a group of local wheelers that enjoy off-roading with friends and family. We are not a Club that requires dues or subscriptions, we prefer to be known as a Group. Our goal is to promote safe and legal off-roading locally, share each other's company and most of all make new friends. Some of these trips include sightseeing while wheeling and camping overnite. Some trips are local and others distant. We try to offer a variety of wheeling. Even though most of our members own Jeeps. We are not a Jeep only type group. As you'll see our members wheel in all types of 4x4 vehicles. Tri-State 4x4 covers New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), and Pennsylvania (PA). If a local event is found by another member notify us and we post the details and notify all members so nobody misses out on these events. Sometimes we set meeting points, get together and travel to our wheeling areas as a group. Tri-State 4x4 is currently gathering wheeling information from local people. And working on some trips for the upcoming Fall and Winter months. Please feel free to offer advice or any wheeling information that you might have. We help landowners clear and maintain their trails and remove trash from their properties. If you know of a wheeling place and want to share it with us let us know. Please feel free to e-mail or PM comments or ideas to the Administrators. We need input from all members to help make wheeling an event we can all enjoy together. All suggestions or ideas are welcomed.

Happy Wheelin' and see you on the Trails!
XEON & Badzook
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